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2021.10.23 11:50 PreviousEducator941 Queue Times

Hello All,
D2 has been out for a month and queue times have gotten worse. Last Saturday, I was able to play in about an 1 hour. This Saturday, I have been in the queue twice without even getting to play once! I wen through 258 the first time when i launched the game. Once launched, I was in offline mode, so I clicked on the "Online" tab only to be placed in the queue AGAIN. this time behind 378! Like, what gives?
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2021.10.23 11:50 RockMan7733 An Obsidian stone split in half. Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed when lava high in silica cools quickly, preventing crystal growth.

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2021.10.23 11:50 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $8.24 Summer Dresses for Women Short Sleeve Coverup (4 colors)

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2021.10.23 11:50 Thetimmybaby Can we please just move on already?

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2021.10.23 11:50 Ok_Drummer9046 Safety questions - trailers

I’m a short woman. I’m strong and I work hard and the PA/AM at my facility recognize that I can get a lot done in a little amount of time. That means that it’s not uncommon for me to be loading a trailer by myself. Or working in a trailer with a grueling pace of items being sent in.
When I did my training there was no talk of the safety rules. It was basically, get the packages loaded as fast as possible. I get that.
As someone who’s short, it’s not uncommon for me to have to place “team lift” weight boxes, above shoulder height. Especially when a trailer has a non stop flow of totes. If I’m not the one stacking the wall, handing items to that person Is always above shoulder height for me.
I like stacking the wall, I’m insanely good at it. Seriously, I’d challenge anyone to have tighter walls than me. But it’s impossible to do it safely and I’m starting to feel my dismissal of the safety recommendations in my shoulders.
There’s no way I can keep heavy objects in my power zone and do the job of fluid loading trailers.
1) Is changing departments a possibility? I mentioned to the AM once that it wasn’t possible for someone my height to do this job safely (according to Amazon’s own rules) and they dismissed the comment saying “lots of short people work here”. I agreed to the requirements of the job when I signed up that I can lift 50lbs… and I can. But lifting 50lbs above your head and to the left is a different story. Just because I can do it doesn’t mean I should do it 100 times a day.
2) is there some kind of cart/table I can ask for to have in the trailer? -I move fast and I can organize boxes quickly. If there were a place for me to sit the very heavy boxes off to the side until ready to start the base of the next wall, problem solved.
3) any other suggestions (besides quitting)
I don’t think an accommodation is necessary or anything because I’m not asking for anything outside of the rules Amazon already has in place.
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2021.10.23 11:50 nishantsingh33 Evolution of SpiderMan Games

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2021.10.23 11:50 ducknoises1 My SIC Rosemary has a new feature.

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2021.10.23 11:50 Jodul Stopping Power.

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2021.10.23 11:50 shortcakecake So I just finished watching Made in Abyss for the first time

I can’t believe that I’ve just had this series in my never ending anime watchlist this whole time. The music and art was beautiful and the story really kept me intrigued the whole time. That last episode really got me crying. Just seeing Mitty makes my soul hurt and I feel like crying again.
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2021.10.23 11:50 -T-A-C-O-C-A-T- Should I do the genocide route

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2021.10.23 11:50 HayashiEn Anyone? name? Captain?

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2021.10.23 11:50 RokelisJuokutis A question about next year anniversary event

So I just wanted to ask if it is known wether there will be the same anniversary event next year? I mean that packs will cost half the price ant when you collect all of them u get heirloom shards
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2021.10.23 11:50 Pure_Guide Displace Master, Brain Puzzle - all levels 23-85

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2021.10.23 11:50 JizzUnderHisEye No matter which pooyol version comes ,his height won't ever increase

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2021.10.23 11:50 SzegedNewsBotka Veretlenül lett első Wolf Eszter

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2021.10.23 11:50 PMRef Public Mobile referral code October 2021 - NYVO96

Referral code nyvo96 - https://publicmobile.ca/en/on/portal/activation - be sure to enter the code in the designated area to receive $10 credit on your second bill! Thanks!
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2021.10.23 11:50 NavyPoseidon Is this normal?

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2021.10.23 11:50 wes_ZA [H] M4A1-S Cyrex FN [W] M4A1-S Player Two FT

B/O: M4A1-S Player Two FT
Tradelink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=129037427&token=qAmcqRMN
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2021.10.23 11:50 comment_redacted Can we talk about the Bonvoy Brilliant for a moment?

I've followed this sub for quite a while and I don't remember many posts about this card. Reddit's search is broken this morning so I thought I'd just ask you guys... what do you think of this card?
I have contemplated getting it for a couple of years now. It seems pretty easy to make back all or nearly all of the cost of the AF, and that current 150k SUB is tempting. A friend recently pulled the trigger and got this card and I have to say its design looks amazing in person, and it feels heavier than the Gold card to me. That probably shouldn't matter, but I like it.
How do you guys feel about Bonvoy Gold Elite status? I'm a little under-whelmed... probably the best perk that jumps out at me is the 2 p.m. checkout. Are there others that you find useful?
I think I remember reading that this card plus 50 night stays gets you to Platinum... are there any additional shortcuts with this card? With the Hilton Surpass card if you have spend over a certain amount you automatically get diamond so I guess what I am asking is if there are any tricks like that with this card?
Do you get access to the Platinum Concierge with this card?
Points are definitely being devalued right now with a lot of the major points systems... my sense is that Bonvoy started out around 1cpp and is maybe dragging down to around .7cpp now... how do you guys see it?
Thanks for any discussion.
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2021.10.23 11:50 poobearanian Good morning. Whats the good word?

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2021.10.23 11:50 Meridian_Ann My experience visiting el Gran Hotel as a non-Spaniard

Title - if the post breaks any rules/I have to share images for proof, please let me know. I'm not really comfortable with sharing my pictures online, which is why I didn't include any.
So I went to see the Gran Hotel de las Reinas in Madrid with the Meet&Greet yesterday, and it was a blast. I don't know if anyone remembers, but I posted here a few months ago asking for advice on etiquette/everything (and btw, shout-out to everyone who responded, it did help make me a bit less nervous haha).
Spanish is absolutely not my first language, I've only started learning it recently, so I was a bit scared going into it I wouldn't enjoy it fully, and while the language barrier did mean some jokes went over my head, I can safely say it was one of the best nights of my life.
The performances were vibrant and full of joy, the overall vibe was great (my very heterosexual father who had reservations and I dragged along with me really enjoyed it too, which is saying something), and my hands hurt from clapping. It was magical to say the least.
As for the M&G, despite my Spanish dictionary miraculously "hasta la vista"ing me the moment I saw the queens, it was amazing as well. Everyone was very nice and I managed to share a moment with pretty much everyone. A bit of scattered Spanish here, some Italian/English when I had no idea how to say something, and it all went swimmingly.
Why this post? Well, I wanted to share my love for all the queens, they were all humble and real fun to be around - they for sure know how to turn a party! - and I also wanted to encourage any non native Spanish speakers to come see the tour if they can. It's worth it, I promise! The queens are a joy to be around, the spectacle is amazingly fast-paced and fun, and overall it's an incredible experience.
That said, I'm back to my hole waiting for Drag Race Italia and for this España's second season. Hasta luego!
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2021.10.23 11:50 antlersandacorns Little Strawberry Ornament 🍓✨

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2021.10.23 11:50 midnightDOLPH1N What a bright idea

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