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2021.10.23 10:29 cassalina420 ER techs

Hey friends! I’m a 2nd year tech student - I’ve been working in a GP for about a year. I’m proficient in blood draws, placing catheters, restraint, etc. I recently job shadowed at an ER facility and I really think I want to switch gears and apply there. I was so blown away by how much the techs skills are utilized - meaning they do so much vs what I do in my GP. Any words of advice? Thoughts? I’d love to hear them!
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2021.10.23 10:29 GoAskThatGuy Congratulations to these guys.

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2021.10.23 10:29 NoSeaworthiness3563 Bloody Runestone remaked by your guys Suggestions

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2021.10.23 10:29 DropaLog YT Hamburger Scaling Issue (but only in W10 21H2)

Current Chrome (95.0.4638.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)), click for TL;DR
In words: The hamburger icon & everything else on YouTube masthead seems washed out, like scaling up a 5-pixel tall image to 6 pixels tall -- edges bludon't fall on the pixel grid. Only happens in W10 21H2 (build 19044.1288) -- Linux & other Windows versions (running on the same box), don't have this glitch. Any ideas? (not important enough for a "help" flair, just curious)
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2021.10.23 10:29 jamibi Lulu's Morning Yoga!

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2021.10.23 10:29 Wise-Ad-2289 Toon shader WIP

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2021.10.23 10:29 256Moin256 What are your honest opinions/thoughts/imaginations about Earth's rotation?

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2021.10.23 10:29 zed_christopher How to get a couch in my 5th floor Walk-Up

Hey NY. Pretty much the title. Not only am I five floors up, but the doorway to the building is this tiny little airlock space with the one main door, then a tiny room with mailboxes and then the other door to the building. Then a narrow hallway and finally a narrow staircase.
I need a couch! And I don’t know what to do because I’m afraid anything I order won’t fit through the doors. I bought my bed on Wayfair and assembled it in my apt. But do couches have this option? What have y’all figured out ?
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2021.10.23 10:29 Stenean My Keybase proof [reddit:stenean = keybase:stenean] (Y5h9zC5usxVyjkOma1pKYa6MoMUpoG55cOsjfz6UHGI)

Keybase proof I am:

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2021.10.23 10:29 Boo_Randy We've all felt that panic attack when we see the unexpected "Closed" sign at our LCS

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2021.10.23 10:29 TarmacWings tema da festa de aniversário de 96 anos do vovozinho

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2021.10.23 10:29 Tasletiss Mando and Grogu ready for Halloween.

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2021.10.23 10:29 Sciss-Out2 Reverse

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2021.10.23 10:29 ZoolShop War fears soar as NASA claims it needs nuclear rockets to rival China in space | Science | News

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2021.10.23 10:29 slycc_ GT 710 1GB

Hi, i want to buy GT 710 But i read the guide, i noticed there's (GK208) thing
so does this one support hackintosh?
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2021.10.23 10:29 chinoischeckers Hakim Warrick Ultimate patch

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2021.10.23 10:29 rdv100 "My Name" another Korean series is fantastic, check it out!

I heard about it from a fellow Redditor and few others. I'm almost done watching it and it's really well done. Nice plot, nice character development and even very nice action scenes. Really enjoyed it.
I think suddenly these korean series are showing up from no where and are crushing it. Anyway, I recommend you to check it out.
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2021.10.23 10:29 KarlJacobss Adopt me >> Royale high

Trading R albino monkey, 3 norm drags, fr drag, norm kanga, norm king bee, norm kitsune, norm metal ox, norm robo dog, norm snow owl, norm turtle, nfr ging cat, nfr toucan and cow
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2021.10.23 10:29 zlaxy Forged novels

Forged novels
Experts note that traditional book piracy, when underground printing houses print literary works without the consent of authors and copyright holders, has been flourishing in Ukraine for at least ten years. However, in 2005, Ukrainian pirates mastered a new type of business: now they themselves write books that are passed off as works of famous authors. At least three such books have been published to date. The first - the novel by Alexander Bushkov "Without Removing the Mask" - appeared on the shelves of Ukrainian bookstores in May this year. Then the readers got acquainted with the "new" novel by the author of the best-selling "The Da Vinci Code" Dan Brown "The First Merovingian". And the third case - the publication of Boris Akunin's work "Rokirovka", in which the great-granddaughter of detective Erast Fandorin, Tatyana Fandorina-Bachurina, and her husband Peter Alekseevich the Great act. All the books bear the imprint of the nonexistent Russian publishing house "Fenikscher-Press" from St. Petersburg. At the address of the publishing house indicated in the book, there is a student hostel.
Fenikscher-Press released "The First Merovingian" novel, allegedly written by the successful fiction writer Dan Brown. The annotation to the book literally says the following: "At the personal request of John Paul II, the American author highlighted hitherto unknown facts from the history of the church, which he found in the closed archives of the Vatican..."
In 1994, Alice Randall's book "The Wind Done Gone" was published in the USA - a parody of Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind". The parody differs from the original in the names of the characters and the color of their skin: the characters of Alice Randall are black. In 2001, the Margaret Mitchell Foundation won a lawsuit against Houghton Mifflin, barring it from publishing the book on the grounds that it was an illegal sequel to "Gone With the Wind". In 2002, the foundation withdrew its claims after the publisher agreed to make a charitable contribution to a black education institution in Atlanta.
In 1995, the Italian publishing house Marsilio presented the book by the writer Pia Pera "Lo's Diary" - a sequel to "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov. The Italian version is based on the diary entries of the surviving Lolita. In 1998, Mr. Nabokov's son Dmitry sued the publishing house Farrar, Straus & Giroux, which announced plans to publish a translation of the book in English, accusing him of copyright infringement on Lolita. The lawsuit was settled out of court: Mr. Nabokov was entitled to 25% of the proceeds from the sale of the book, as well as to publish the preface to the American and British versions.
In the summer of 2002, on the eve of the publication of the fifth book about Harry Potter, a book called "Harry Potter and the Leopard Walk Up to Dragon" appeared in China. The cover featured the name and photograph of J.K. Rowling, as well as the names of the publisher's editors and translators responsible for publishing previous books about the wizard boy. The book told about how the main character falls under the magic rain and turns into a hairy dwarf, having lost all his magical abilities, after which he is forced to fight the forces of evil in the face of the dragon. Rowling's lawyers said they intend to investigate the incident, but the real author of the work remained unknown. The punishment was incurred to the publishing house Bashu, which in November 2002, by the decision of the Beijing court, paid J.K. Rowling 1.6 thousand yuan ($ 2.5 thousand), and also published an apology for the publication of the forgery in the Chinese newspaper Legal Times.
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2021.10.23 10:29 blueit1234567 Me trying to tell non apes aboUT GME

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2021.10.23 10:29 WheresMyStuffMom The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat

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2021.10.23 10:29 amirhoseyn4489 این میم خام بچه ها هر ایده ای داشتین ازش میم بسازید😍🙏

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2021.10.23 10:29 WinLife8110 Interesting

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2021.10.23 10:29 asamr Sharepoint List - Column/Field must contain @

Is it possible to create this type of column validation for a column in Sharepoint list?
My colleagues keeps forgetting to write the proper syntax in our "MAIL" field in the form.
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2021.10.23 10:29 Admirable-Income7266 Schickt mir Bilder auf die ich mir wixxen soll und ich schicke euch mit sperma zurück!💦

Schickt mir Bilder auf die ich mir wixxen soll und ich schicke euch mit sperma zurück!💦
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