JodiSues Statements

2021.10.23 11:19 BlurryfacedNico JodiSues Statements

I've been trying to understand JodiSues statements, that Tiffany Marie broadcasted last night.
It's hard for me to understand her, since I'm not a native speaker and she seems to switch topics very fast etc.
I'm not trying to bad mouth her, but if anyone could maybe sum up, why her statements could be important, that would be awesome.
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2021.10.23 11:19 Fruit_Punch96 Today i was playing on my arena, and i finally landed the clip combo i wanted for my montage, he ragequit after the combo making it so i cant save the replay...

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2021.10.23 11:19 Motor-Ad-8858 U.N. Fears Mass Atrocities In Northern Myanmar

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2021.10.23 11:19 owenmutuku THEY FIXED VAR!!

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2021.10.23 11:19 TickleMyNeutrino is absolute rubbish now.

Tried kratomind's stuff a bunch of times over the years. First time was good. Then it got progressively weaker with each purchase I made. Usually made two purchases a year from them in the kilo range.
Ordered some from them last year and it was weak as hell. Figured it was just a bad batch. This year put an order in for a kilo. It was weaker than last year! So I asked for a reship, citing very weak effects. They said it must have been bad stuff from such and such a village, and assured me the reship would be much better. Received the reship, but got the exact same results as the last. Weak. Hardly any effect at all, even with a 10 gram dose! What's up with that?
My main reason for going back to them was that their shipping is really good. Fast, inexpensive, and guaranteed to arrive.
Anyone else have any experience with them?
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2021.10.23 11:19 A-Guardian-Rises Could someone explain how the Outbreak Perfected works?

Sometimes the red things appear, but they just attack enemies and don't seem to do damage. Also, how do I trigger them?
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2021.10.23 11:19 roshugaming Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Vlandian Campaign #1

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2021.10.23 11:19 SenMaster Petru Geonea: lupul cel mai mare în Biserică e [Patriarhul] Daniel [sic!]”; a recunoscut că a afirmat că Înaltpreasfințitul Calinic este „mason și eretic”

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2021.10.23 11:19 Lugburz95 Why didn't Lego use the actual name of Slave 1?

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2021.10.23 11:19 jaydentheblueworm Candy items tier list

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2021.10.23 11:19 Implement_Difficult American writer declares Brexit has turned Britain into an 'Orwellian' society

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2021.10.23 11:19 Longjumping-Beach-98 psychomedian better be good

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2021.10.23 11:19 rambobilai Official trailer for Nonajoler Kabbo (in theatres Nov 26). Real hyped for this.

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2021.10.23 11:19 Sauron3106 Əugh I have to redo the first half an hour of GOW 1 because I'm a naive zoomer who forgot that I'd probably have to manually save in a game this old

Oh well, it's a pretty good opening.
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2021.10.23 11:19 upvoteatanhayirsever Anlıyorum

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2021.10.23 11:19 thefakejackrabbit Ethereal musician peacefully playing guitar in a watercolor desert

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2021.10.23 11:19 NewsElfForEnterprise Soaring meat prices a tough sell for barbecue pitmasters

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2021.10.23 11:19 Versiongirl Anyone tried L glutamine to help heal their gut, which in turn can possibly cure their GERD?

I’m about to try L glutamine powder from the Vitamin Shoppe. I’ve heard so many good things about it. My only problem is because it crosses the brain barrier it supposed to have a potential to mess with your mood. Trigger things like anxiety for some and so forth. I’m very prone to anxiety but I’m hoping once I stick to a lower dose it won’t bother me.
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2021.10.23 11:19 Sunshine_on_Skates I just want to skate it.

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2021.10.23 11:19 Odd-Muscle173 Struggling today

I'm struggling a little today so many people are blowing me off I hit myself in the head a couple of times. I feel alone and forgotten about when people don't want to talk makes me sad I don't like having autism and no one understands what its like to lose a mother like I did
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2021.10.23 11:19 zwigglezz15 Darkrai Now 9251 1758 3170

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2021.10.23 11:19 Spare_Temperature990 Cant download my video!!!!!! help pls

i spent ages editing my video on imovie, just for it to be unable to download onto my computer.
it says this "
Error: RequestCVPixelBufferForFrame returned: 3 for absolute frame: 1037
what foes this mean? someone please help
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2021.10.23 11:19 Blahblahbla0066 Croc wins

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2021.10.23 11:19 Clufito iOS bug, game not loading past 14% for anyone else despite good internet?

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2021.10.23 11:19 Last_Requirement4772 Gorgc sponsored by an NFT game?

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