New character

2021.10.23 11:12 weezerrequiem New character

How’s it going Reddit? I just suffered the loss of my first character and am quiet stuck on what to do for my next character. My original character was a circle of the moon Druid. My party currently has a kenku rouge and a human blood hunter. Any ideas on a fun character that would fit in well with my party? Magic based would be preferred but I’m open to anything you got!
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2021.10.23 11:12 pairedodue Does anyone know why renZec MIP6 collateral application stalls ?

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2021.10.23 11:12 ShortAlgo $CERS Awaiting Short signal on CERS with

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2021.10.23 11:12 SlowInvestment8249 Hi baby!

Baby malungkot ako ngayon. Miss na miss na kita. Tulad ng lagi ko sinasabe sayo. I'm kwazy for you.
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2021.10.23 11:12 21edd Diel Links and iPhone batterie

Can someone tell me if the duel links tales to mutch batterie on iPhone 11
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2021.10.23 11:12 NoLtaken offers

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2021.10.23 11:12 millhouse513 Found while cleaning grandparents' house out. Need help identifying what they are and how to clean

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2021.10.23 11:12 farid_123 Smart Gadgets Update! Cool Gadgets,Smart Appliances/ Kitchen Utensil for...

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2021.10.23 11:12 Lerno2_ I can't post anything.

Second test post
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2021.10.23 11:12 edutreasure HTML5 - From Basics to Advanced level (2021) udemy coupon

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2021.10.23 11:12 SFMatchThreadder Match Thread: Peterhead vs Falkirk | Scottish League One

0': Peterhead vs Falkirk Venue: Balmoor Stadium
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2021.10.23 11:12 JWright-94 Darkrai adding 10 - 1979 4383 6347

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2021.10.23 11:12 ShortAlgo $CEVA Awaiting Short signal on CEVA with

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2021.10.23 11:12 myTwelfAccount Beans to water ratio for a cup of strong coffee?

I want to make a cup of strong coffee in my coffee maker. What beans to water ratio should I use? Everything online is telling me a ground to water ratio
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2021.10.23 11:12 VioletBanks1950 Never, Ever Saw This Before: The Valley

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2021.10.23 11:12 Betworld20 Homeless deserve living not leaving

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2021.10.23 11:12 fusrohdave Tuft and needle mint mattress destroyed by back from night one

My wife and I bought our first king sized bed, the tuft and needle mint mattress, after a lot of research on sleep positions, weight, material, etc. It arrived last week and I even built a beautiful bed frame modeled after the Thuma bed. Finally finished last night, got the mattress on, all our lovely new bedding and: Jesus Christ I’ve never had a worse nights sleep. My back is in horrible pain, tingling in my arm from my shoulder being pinched, and I can barely walk straight.
How can this mattress be so far from what is advertised? I’m a big dude at 230 lbs. I sleep on my back for 90% of the night. I followed everyone’s suggestions on medium firm for heavy back sleepers and whatnot. But this mattress isn’t firm. It’s a goddamned rock. I’ve slept on floors softer than this mattress.
Im returning it immediately, I don’t want a flimsy foam topper, I want a bed that doesn’t need additions to feel comfortable. Im just annoyed that I have to spend additional money I don’t have because it takes them so long to refund. I don’t have the previous mattress, what am I supposed to do for the 5-10 days it takes to refund us and then the two weeks to get a new mattress? Sleep on the floor?
I’ve read a lot of the reviews on here, many saying it was one of the best mattresses they’ve ever had. Lesson learned. That doesn’t mean shit.
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2021.10.23 11:12 ACME_Jack From the creator of Derailed, a pilot scene for my new feature film project "Runner's Alibi"

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2021.10.23 11:12 PreviousMood3563 Checking out Halloween decorations

My kids want to check out neighborhoods with Halloween decorations. Which neighborhoods are best to go to? Thanks!
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2021.10.23 11:12 kaicooper We all float down here.

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2021.10.23 11:12 choda96 Game breaking glitch for FUT champs

There's a glitch that allows you to have legacy defending, agile dribbling, assisted jockey and all other options enabled even in FUT champs. If you go to main menu and turn off competitive switch and save it, then go to FUT (rivals, squad battles, WL) you'll have all these options enabled which is literally game breaking. EA Sports needs to do something about it because it's not fair.
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2021.10.23 11:12 LadderSilver Maggie’s Journal Entry #28. 12.16.87

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2021.10.23 11:12 Breacher89 Wasn't a fan of the EC pose so decided to alter it a bit. Very happy with the result

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2021.10.23 11:12 Malik929 Yeah (Swipe)

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2021.10.23 11:12 Prof-Trichome Interesting reporting about the NDPS law.

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