SRE entrega actas de nacimiento por identidad de género - Las Noticias

2022.01.19 23:18 bot_neen SRE entrega actas de nacimiento por identidad de género - Las Noticias

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2022.01.19 23:18 Rapture_R2 Is Cherax Detected?

I just got Cherax today (When Ozark got shutdown I took a big break). I was wondering if Cherax got detected or something. Some people told me to not use it because its detected, while some other people are telling me its fine. I don't want to get perma banned but I kinda want to use the menu.
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2022.01.19 23:18 nick01181 The state of labs is depressing

My favorite map is practically unplayable and more so than normal.
Ice skating head-eyes machines everywhere and i'm not talking about the raiders.
Man i feel demotivated.
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2022.01.19 23:18 soapstory I hate Gaby for her behaviour during the Grace storyline

I have had so much trouble finding subreddits that I agree with on this, so I'm diving in. I absolutely, wholeheartedly despite Gaby for the way she acts when she finds out about Grace and after they leave.
Let me start off by saying I understand the shock and overwhelming emotion that would happen if you found out that your child was switched at birth - I don't blame her for this. But from the moment that Grace is introduced, I lose all respect for Gaby.
First off, I find it incredibly difficult to believe that anyone would have an immediate bond to someone on the basis of biological connection. Like, Grace is otherwise a stranger to Gaby. It genuinely baffles me how taken Gaby is by her. Juanita is no less Gaby's daughter, yet Gaby seems to instantly forget that she spent years of her life raising her and loving her. It's heartbreaking.
Afterwards, she starts meddling her way, as if she has any sort of right to how Grace should be parented - she doesn't. First the ice cream at the park, then the purse, the necklace, and the fucking audacity to say that she has any sort of say in whether or not Grace goes to Texas with her mom. If I were Carmen, I would have cut Gabby off then and there. Her DNA is literally the only thing that ties her to Gaby, that gives her absolutely no right to overstep.
Then, the phone call to ICE happens. I was actually fuming at that scene, and what upsets me the most is seeing subreddits saying they understand Gaby's decision to do this. It was abhorrent.
And of course, during all this, Juanita is forgotten. When she finds the letter, Gaby doesn't do anything to make Juanita genuinely feel like her daughter. All her actions are superficial.
TLDR: You cannot convince me of Gaby's behaviour or motives during the Grace storyline. It legitimately boils my blood, and I hate her for it.
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2022.01.19 23:18 Public-Obligation409 Gana 1 usdt por registrarte y 1 usdt por cada invitado. App

Hola buenas! Seguro la mayoría ya esté enterado pero hace poco llego la wallet Strike a Argentina y tienen una promo de referidos. Te dan 1 usdt por registrarte y 1 por cada invitado. Los paso son sencillos

  1. Descargarte la app y regristrarte Link registro Strike
  2. Tenés q validar tu identidad, te va a pedir dni y selfie (sé q a veces les puede tirar error del dni pero reintenten varias veces q sale)
  3. Después de eso les dan el dólar, ahora bien para transferirlo a mp, uala o donde sea pueden seguir la ayuda de este video. Transferir dólares a Mp
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2022.01.19 23:18 Left-Preparation271 Dynasty Warriors Overlords Codes

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2022.01.19 23:18 Tripthellama Eustachian tube dysfunction, my annoying pregnancy symptom

This happened to me with my last pregnancy as well and I had mostly forgotten about it until it started happening again this time. My left ear will get “plugged” kind of, it’s like my breath is roaring through my ear and my voice is amplified through it. It’s really annoying and there’s nothing I can do to help it. My first pregnancy it didn’t go away until after I gave birth. So I know I’ll be dealing with it the whole pregnancy. Anyone else have this?
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2022.01.19 23:18 KAMURLAN What is this from? Girl at desk

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2022.01.19 23:18 itbesarah self study / epermit info

Anyone know if Baruch lets you self study a class? I had to drop a class for my minor to take a science lab and now my plans for next semester are kind of messed up. The problem is I have one 3000 level class left for my minor and a capstone left. Essentially after doing an internship in the summer, fall would be my last semester. But now I have the problem of not being able to take a 3000 level and capstone in the same semester and it's kind of pointless to have to take an extra winter semester for one class. I was thinking of getting an epermit to take the class elsewhere in the summer but I have no idea which class would count for transfer credit. The class I need is NMA 3010 - Videography 1. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.19 23:18 how_you_like_dat Took a gay test cause why not but how can I be 75% bisexual but 25% gay? I don’t understand

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2022.01.19 23:18 AdMammoth2477 Need health insurance?

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2022.01.19 23:18 Walfask Standing desk with piano tray

I live in Canada, which means the standing desk options are a tad limited. I really wanted a sliding tray to put a piano/midi keyboard under the desk. I struggled to find a table that would feel solid enough to hold everything. And I wanted to pay less than $1000.
So here's what I ended up putting together:

Super happy with the final result! Here's what it looks like:
New desk
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2022.01.19 23:18 Ornery_Isopod_6793 Best case fans for Velka 3?

Anyone know the best case fans to put into the velka 3, as of now I only know that the top of the case can fit 2 (80 x 10mm) case fans and the only decent available fans of that size are made by coolermaster. Im just wondering if any other velka owners have gotten any better fans they recommend.
Also whats the best config for those fans. I know exhausting out the top is pretty standard, but would this case benefit from having those two top case fans be intake to reduce dust? Maybe one push and the other pull?
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2022.01.19 23:18 OzBargainBot Bissell SpotClean Turbo 15582 @ Good Guys Comerical $283

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2022.01.19 23:18 jester091 Job Advice - see below, hard to explain in a short title.

Hello. Okay, here’s the sitch. Backstory: I only work part-time jobs because I work in theatre so it’s easier to have part-time day jobs to make rehearsals/performances easier to schedule. Lost one of my day jobs to covid closure last year, I’d been with that company for a few years. I have a regular teaching job, right now it’s only one class/week that I teach, so not much income. I also have a job with a theatre company working front of house, but that’s only when performances are happening, which isn’t that often. I was on EI, that ran out, and I’ve been putting in a bunch of applications for work, finally had a few interviews.
Now, I had one job offer that is with a company that a former employer of mine works for. It is casual (one shift/week), with the schedule coming out maybe a week in advance. They originally didn’t hire me, their original new-hire fell through, then they offered me the job after that.
I have a second job offer that I got (I accepted the first offer because I didn’t think I’d get the second one). It’s more hours, which is what I need. Both companies are great, and I’d be happy to work at both (since it’s part-time and they are both close to each other, I could do split shifts in the day or do every other day, etc. I’m pretty good at making multiple schedules work).
However, the problem is that the first job is casual, I don’t know how I’d be able to make it work if I have to be on-call with it. The other one would be more solid schedule wise. I’m tempted to say no to the casual position because it’s so up in the air, but I’m feeling the guilt because my old boss gave me a good recommendation to get it, I said yes (but haven’t filled out any of the paperwork yet), and their other hire didn’t work out, so now this would be a second new-hire tapping out on them. Has anyone juggled casual shifts with something that is typical part-time hours? Thanks for any and all words of wisdom!
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2022.01.19 23:18 ErdnaOtrebor russian lenguage

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2022.01.19 23:18 Oldskooler76 Did any census employees apply for vaccine exemption?

Wondering if I will still be sworn in as a field rep if I file an exemption for the vaccine requirement. Can anyone share their experience getting the exemption?
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2022.01.19 23:18 -Cleetus- Did my first escape room with just my brother and I at Escapeology! The room was TH3 COD3 and we crushed it with almost 7 minutes left over!

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2022.01.19 23:18 life_lag What is this cord for it doesn't fit anywhere?

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2022.01.19 23:18 OzBargainBot Greenies Dog Dental Treat Gingerbread Petite 170g $6 @Woolworths, Fairfield Heights

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2022.01.19 23:18 Either_Tumbleweed Then the waiter started laughing, then the whole restaurant started laughing, and even Betty White rose from her grave to laugh her decomposing ass off at my totally fire comeback!

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2022.01.19 23:18 RainmaKer770 My ex just got married and I'm trying to process it

So long story short, we broke up about 15 months back and we both went to grad school shortly after.
I'm blessed to say that I've had an incredible amount of success after that time. I'm a software engineer and I got a job offer from a very well-known company in Palo Alto, California. The salary is REALLY good and I've been very pleased about it.
After breaking up with her, I realized the main problem was that I didn't have other healthy friendships so I focused on connecting with a lot of other dudes and I have two great groups of friends who are looking out for me. A lot of my other batchmates have also been asking me for advice regarding their job search and interviews and it's made me feel really good to help people out and spread what knowledge I've gained during my job hunt.
I've also recently been going on dates with this girl on Bumble in NYC and I also have a close friend (girl) on campus who I'm considering asking out this weekend. The campus girl is super into me (I think), really smart, pretty, and honest. I'd be very happy to take her out and we're going to watch Netflix this weekend, so I'll ask her out then.
Fast forward to today, and I was just thinking that I'm finally over my ex completely and found someone good for me. I was browsing through my socials today and saw a post from my ex that she and her husband had done an activity together. I stared at it blankly for a few seconds and had no idea how to process it tbh. I'm happy I guess that she moved on - I wish I could wish her well but I know she never wants to talk to me again (ugly breakup).
Anyway, I was just looking to share this with somebody and hopefully someone who has been through something similar. I have this very odd sense of calm completeness so I can begin anew right now. I'm going for a walk now, if anyone would like to comment/dm, I'd be happy to talk.
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2022.01.19 23:18 jesusiskingmegafan (oc) he was once a thug from around the wayyy,

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2022.01.19 23:18 OzBargainBot Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor $77.96 Was $99.95 @ 247deals_au eBay

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2022.01.19 23:18 lefrenchkiwi ☀️ Time to be Inspired ☀️

Got a 1.8m x 1.5m planter box and a 0.7m x 1.3 garden bed to replant as current crops are finishing up in Gisborne (so hot dryish climate). Prefer to plant things for the table, never really seen the point in planting things that don’t have a kitchen use (nothing against those that do amazing visual gardens just prefer to put the effort elsewhere).
Not been in Gizzy long so still getting the hang of what actually grows well here. Happy to hear ideas of what people suggest?
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